Know Your Blogger


I don’t even know where to begin.  I could start by telling you the basics, my name, which is Elizabeth by the way.  Then I could tell you that I am only a mere 19 years old and I go to the Univeristy of Gerogia (Go Dawgs), but I am really from a small town nestled in the mountains of North Carolina.  I could tell you that my favorite color is any shade of blue but most of my clothes are black and that I have a dog named Missy who is whiter than the snow.  I could tell you that I am happiest at the beach and that November is my favorite month because warm drinks and sweaters.  I could tell you that the little things make me happy like coffee in the morning and surprise rain showers, a warm cup of tea and the way the sky turns colors it shouldn’t be when the sun sets, the smell of lemons and the sound of the turning pages of a book, and when a song I love comes on the radio and you can ride with the windows down singing as loud as possible while the wind blows through your entire being.  I could go on about more factual things, like how I was a three sport athlete who was worn down by numerous injuries that cut my thriving career in the bud.  I could say how it was okay that I lost my identity when I came to college becasue I didn’t know how to be anyone but the athlete.  I could say that through this past year I have found myself, but we all know that would be a lie, because how can you really know your soul in one year?  I will say that I’ve always wanted to write and if this blog brings me closer to my dream then I hope this blog makes you see the world in ways you never thought you would.


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