The Thing About Live Music


Last night I saw Th 1975 at The Fillmore in Charlotte.  I love Matty and their music and the fact that they’re british makes it all the better.  I have a bit of an obsession with british accents; it’s my thing.  But more than the fact that I love this band, is that I love live music.  There is something about music in the first place that resonates in you.  Through the lyrics and the percussion and the voice of the singer, you connect with it and it gives you the feels (for lack of a better term).  My favorite though, is live music. The whole experience makes you feel alive and free and it makes you feel like you are a part of something.  First there’s the crowd, being so close with complete strangers, packed up body to body, but in this moment, it’s okay because you’re all there for one thing.  Never in any other situation would you mind sharing a strangers sweat.  Then there’s the volume.  It is so overwhelming that you can’t even hear yourself think and your voice is lost in the speakers along with everyone else’s.  Then there’s the bass.  That moment when you can feel it vibrate throught your whole body and it rattles your bones an you can feel it in your chest.  And then, if you’re lucky and you’re super close to the front, you can make eye contact with lead singer and its almost like they are singing only to you.  Everything about live music makes me feel alive and I can live completely in that moment and not have another care in the world.  It’s a natural high, getting lost in music that penetrates the soul.  It’s a high that you don’t come down from for hours because of how spiritual the experience is.  Music sticks with you.  Live music changes you.


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