The problem with political parties…


I remember when I was about 13, which is honestly not that long ago conisdering it’s only been six years, but it seems like an eternity.  i was 13 and my friend who was ‘republican’ by default of her parents asked me if I was democrat or republican.  Now I grew up in a small southern town where everybody new your entire family tree; who your mama was and who your mama’s mama was, and so on.  The odd part was that my mama’s mama was a southern democrat who was very well respected.  There fore, you guessed it, my mother is a democrat.  Now my dad has never shared his political views with me.  He says it’s a personal matter than one should decide for themselves and no one else should influence their decision.  Considering he is from Alabama one would think he was a republican, but my dad, he’s like me; he believes in the individual and the free spirited.  Between you and me, I think he’s a democrat.

Now back to my 13 year old self.  My best friend, at the time, asked me if I was a democrat or a republican.  I naturally replied democrat, becasue that’s what my mom was.  She looked at me with judgy eyes and said “So you support abortion?”  I remember trying to justify my belief but at the time I couldn’t.  “You know that if you’re a democrat you believe in abortion.  You believe in killing babies.”  She persisted on with the judgement and telling me what it meant, as if I had just said I was renouncing God and joining a cult.  I obviously moved passed this tramatic incident in my journey of discovering my social and political beliefs.  After that I soon realized that no I was not pro abortion, but I was in fact pro choice.  I realized that it was not my right to decide for someone else what they can and cannot do to their body.  I realized it was none of my business.  I realized earlier than most that I was not the boss of everyone else and I had no right to tell them what they could and couldn’t do.  So why should my beliefs have to affect them?  During high school I liked to think of myself of an individualist; I understood that I could not make choices for other people, and I hypocritacly thought they shouldn’t be doing that either.  By saying that I thought they shouldn’t be able to make decisions for others, I was trying to make a decision for them.  Now to explain this would require a deep philosphocial discussion that I’m sure my philosophy teacher, Tony, would love to discuss. (Don’t worry, I’ll be blogging about him later on)

I was once again faced with the decision of democrat or republican when I got my drivers licscence.  The cop at the DMV asked and I was hesitant to answer.  Now I know I could of have chosen neither, but the idea of being identified in the void terrified me, even with something as little as this.  So I chose what was safe, I sticked with democrat.  I still have not personally identified myself as either.  I feel I am too much in the middle and too open minded to completely take one side.  And that is the problem with our government.  Everything is either for something or against it.  It’s either right or left.  It’s either conservative or liberal.  If I was in charge, hypathetically cause let’s be real, who would put me in charge?  If I was in charge, I would take the side of our ol’ buddy George Washington; no political parties, because taking a side is what tears us a part.

Proof: I am no longer BBFLs with my 13 year old best friend, in fact we hardly ever talk…