BEYONCE by Superfruit

This is probably the best Beyonce cover I have ever seen. It is of her newest cd, which is amazing I might add. Many people have most recently become Queen B fans becasue of this cd, mainly Drunk in Love. A lot of people don’t know any of the other songs and those who do, know that the rest of her album is extremely sexual. My friend and I were talking the other day about how much we love Queen B and about how this album was so much more sexual than the others. I think that she is trying to make a statement with this album by being extremely sexual. Men can sing about sex and not be judged or questioned, but hold up, a woman sings about it, call the vatican. Beyonce takes a very feminist stance with this album, that is very empowering to women. I mean look at ‘Pretty Hurts’ and ‘Flawless’. These songs tell women that they can be more than a pretty face. Women can be powerful and have careers and be successful. She is the perfect example that women should be seen as an equal to men. Being a feminist is not saying that women don’t need men, it says that women should be able to be strong and successful but still have a family and a home. To me being a feminist says ‘I want the whole package’. I mean Beyonce has it all with her career, Jay-Z, and Blue. She honestly is what inspired me to identify as a feminist and it is mainly because of her new album.


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