Blog Fantasies

I don’t even know why I’m doing this.  I mean, what is the possibility of people actually reading this?  Is it for myself to keep track of my thoughts or who I am at this time in my life? Nah…I have a tumblr for that.  Why would people even care what a girl(who isn’t even 20) has to say.  Maybe it’s because someday I hope they will.  I’m waiting for that day when what I say makes a difference in the world.  It’s a crazy thing to wait for.  You go to college to get a fancy degree from a big name univerisity then you go straight to get a job cause hell, your parents aren’t going to support you anymore.  So you wait for that big break.  You wait for someone to care what you have to say.  Especially in the world I want to go into.  The world of books and words and ‘fresh off the printers’.  The world where you work your ass off to get something to the public.  So you do your part and then you wait.  You wait for the right person, you wait for the right publisher, you wait for the right company that will say YES.  YES we want you.  YES, what you say is going to matter.  What you say is going to see the sun.  In a world where everyone has something to say, how do you choose who gets a shot?  I can only imagine it as a jailhouse, being the first one bailed out.  You walk down the hall of cages with people grasping at you, trying to convince you to take them with you.  Begging, pleading, bargaining, anything.  But you keep walking, ignoring them like the ones before did to you, because you’ve made it.  Someone somewhere said you were worth taking a chance on.  I don’t know if that’s fate, or hardwork, or if it’s just sheer luck, but I know one day I will be the one people want listen to.  So for now, I blog.  And hey, if anyone is actually reading this, maybe 10 years from now when I’m on New York’s best seller list, you can say I read her blog before anyone thought she was worth the risk.


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